Your Guide to the First Steps of Blogging

Your Guide to the First Steps of Blogging

The first steps in doing something great in life is finding out that thing it is you want to do and really making it clear in your mind that is that which you have chosen you are really interested in doing. If it’s so about you and blogging, having really thought of it deeply, you have now settled on the fact that you should be in blogging business; the business that enlightens the public, the business that gives you recognition, and above all, the business that puts some change, or let’s call it something to live on in your pocket or bank account. If you are really really sure you want to be a blogger, then welcome to the club.

It’s really very easy being a blogger, infact, it’s the most easiest thing you can ever think of. BUT, before you go into blogging, there are things you need to consider first, else, you will opt out as you have opted in, or you’ll just find it extremely boring.

Major requirements as a blogger are:

As simple as they sound to be, they are very important. Let me take my time in explaining them to you one after another, and am sure by the time I am done explaining and you are done reading, you’ll be contacting me for further steps to take to becoming a blogger.

TIME: Time is essential in all we do in life, it’s more essential in blogging. You need some time, it’s actually little time, but at that little time you’ve set apart, you need to put all your attention into what you are doing at that point in time. Remember, your work as a blogger is to educate, enlighten and bring to knowledge of the general public that thing you know that they might not have the idea just yet. So, of course, you need time to reason out what it is you want to let them know about. Time also needs to be taken in other to make conclusion at start if blogging is actually something one wants to get into. You need to research, find out things, read up other blogs, and so on, these all take time. If you don’t have enough time to spare, please don’t think of being a blogger.

MONEY: You definitely need money. No business survives without some investments. You need money in buying a domain and a hosting platform. You also need money when you need to advertise your website to the general public. You need money to pay someone who will help you install your blog on your domain, that’s if you don’t know how and don’t want to learn from me cus am willing to teach you or even have it done for you for free. You also need money, most especially, to pay for being regularly connected to the internet and then of course, also having a device that can be used to connect to the internet, be it a mobile device or a PC.

SOME EFFORTS: If you think me writing this post is easy for me, think twice. I am here and it’s about 3am in the morning, feeling intense heat cus my air conditioner is bad, while my wife and kid are in the room sleeping. I bet you are also sleeping and you’ll be reading my post in the morning when you wake. My point is, I have put an effort into what I have chosen to do even when it’s not convenient for me. But my love for #BloggingBusiness keeps me going. If you can’t sacrifice your efforts and put a little hard work into blogging, you can’t be a successful blogger as well.

Now that you know what you require, I think you should also know major challenges bloggers face.

For me, it may be different for you depending on how developed your country is, but for my country where we have constant power outages, it’s such a big challenge having to post on my blog regularly. It’s ofcourse my joy to come sit here everyday and have something posted online for you but that doesn’t always happen, cus of lack of constant power.

Apart from that major challenge, you also face the challenge of in-efficient web hosting service. Have you ever visited a site and it tells you, this website is unavailable while it’s actually available, or it says, server busy. So many things can be the cause of this but the major thing that results in this sort of problem is you registering with an inefficient hosting company. As funny as it may sound, you may never understand that some hosts are inefficient until you encounter one that is truly sick.

Well, for me, the two challenges I listed above are the challenges you don’t pray to encounter.

As long as you follow simple rules in blogging, rules such as, post regularly, pay to get your site advertised, post about something that is of super interest to you so that you’ll always love doing it over and over again, and of course, offering help to your audience in other to gain popularity.

If you can follow all these stated above, then we can truly say, we are both in the same business.

Happy blogging in advance. Have a great day.

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