How To Find A Niche For Your Brand New Blog

How To Find A Niche For Your Brand New Blog

In this post, I wish to discuss the most important start-up step of creating your new blog, and that is choosing a topic, theme or more specifically your chosen niche or blogging.

Find that niche

It is the topic or niche that you will target and focus on when you prepare and post content on your blog. You will be writing about your niche and building your new blog around your niche.

Hence quality content is used to convey your message, build trust and credibility.

Now at this point you may be at a crossroad, quick hot niches that may fade just as fast or choosing a niche you can relate to and grow with.

Not one of the many well known and very successful online marketers attended any online business school.

They attended their chosen online business niche with passion and commitment and grew in knowledge and stature (and money of course).

So relax, it may sound a daunting task, however once you start jotting down some ideas and interests and looking at other successful blogs, you will soon come up with a long list of ideas for blogging.

Even if you simply want to blog for fun, apply the same steps and principles.

I cannot over-emphasise the importance of brainstorming or finding the right niche particularly if you have financial aspirations with your blogging online plans. It is the core component of your blog.

Start “wrong” and you may end up nowhere.

For the totally lesser informed, your niche or target market also becomes your primary keywords. For example, phrases like ‘How to Find the Best Hiking Trails in Australia” or “Best Family Budget Activities”

Focus on Blogging for Quality

Any website or blog is about information conveyed concerning a niche by means of the content therein Most online jingles, ads and gurus will tell you that it is very easy to start blogging, however quite another story to find a niche and keep a blog interesting, fresh, relevant and niche focused.

While it may be a fact that online readers tend to spend less time today reading the content on a blog, experts will tell you that nothing beats quality niche focused content. In later posts I will refer back to the importance of building quality and unique content on our site as it also impacts on search ranking.

It merely requires commitment on your part, and blogging in a niche best suited to your internet objects and expectations.

The Internet is littered with abandoned blogs due I part to the fact that blog owners do not know what to do to keep a blog going. According to blogging experts, the key to keeping a blog going is for you to post frequently. This means that you’re going to need an ever constant stream of content coming into your blog.

Do not feel intimidated by the thought of having to generate lots of topics for your blog, taht’s part of the job when you find a niche. Here are some “brainstorming topic ideas” strategies for your online blogging posts.

– Follow the news in your niche.

I find it very annoying when I land on a blog only to find that it is totally outdated and posts are months old, with no fresh content.

Just take the importance of Social Marketing strategies and how it impacts on internet marketing. Hardly a day goes by without some breaking story.

Do some research and put your own spin on it and apply it to your niche.

Another great strategy is to use Google Alerts and even Yahoo Answers to find and be informed about news and tit bits in your particular niche

Allow Comments on your Blog.

That is what makes a blog so dynamic and exciting, the opportunity to interact with site visitors and glean ideas from your subscribers. Comments made by site visitors can be a potentially be great source of writing inspiration.

Let’s say you have a post on your travel blog about Norway. Within the comments section, a few people start pointing out issues they had visiting Norway. Voila! You have your next blog post cut and dried.

Good luck in your quest to find a niche.

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