Different Tactics to Use for Backlinks Building

Different Tactics to Use for Backlinks Building

Backlinks are the links present on a website to make the navigation in World Wide Web easy. At the beginning of last decade when search engines where not very popular, these backlinks present on websites where the only way to make navigation easy. Now, search engines gives great importance to these backlinks for deciding the SERP position of a website.

As a webmaster you must have always heard that good quality backlinks is very important for a website. But what is meant by good quality backlinks? When I started my career as a web analyst, I always wondered what I should do to get good quality backlink. When I found some high pagerank website which was relevant to my website, I realized that either I have to pay huge amount of money to have my link present on the website or else I will get a nofollow links for my website which is not going to help my cause. In this post I will try to give a clear cut picture of backlinks and some easy and effective way to get them.

If you a newbie in SEO, it is better to search in Google or other popular search engines to know the various easy ways to get backlinks. Few of them which according to my experience are really easy and organic way to get good quality backlinks are:

Directory submission – This according to me is the oldest SEO tips which was used to get backlinks for a website. But now a day, it is not at all effective except few top directories like Dmoz and Yahoo directory.

Article syndication – This method of link building is my favorite. If you submit good quality unique articles in top directories like Ezinearticlres.com, surely you will be benefited and your website will gain SERP rankings.

Social bookmarking – If you are familiar with Google caffeine, you will know that now real time search has been incorporated in SERPs. So social bookmarking is now very important and you should make sure that all the pages of your website have been bookmarked in top bookmarking sites.

Please remember that the link you share in StumbleUpon or any other social media site does not provide you any link benefit as all of them are nofollow links. But the profile page which contains one link is a dofollow link. If you are active on these social sites, your profile can get a page rank and definitely you will be benefited.

Press release submission – Submitting press releases of any newsworthy events is also a good way to get backlinks. But make sure the news is worth to read, because press releases which are done with the sole purpose of getting quick backlinks, is not effective.

Social media – Twitter and Facebook has gained great popularity in last few years. Main reason is the number of people visiting these sites is very high. If you read social media stats, you will amazed to know that billions of people visit these sites everyday. Hence promoting your website on these can be really effective.

All the above methods is what I term as old and trusted (at least few of them) methods of getting backlinks. But according to me, if you as a webmaster really want your website to rank high in search engines, you have to go for some advanced linking strategy. Few of these are:

Video submission – I have at least 100 articles live on various top article directories. If you count the total number of visits on all these articles, the number will be less when compared with the views on any one of my video submitted on Youtube. The point here is that the number of visits on a video is much higher as compared to an article.

This is the reason why Google started giving great importance to video and other types of graphics in SERP. So, submitting videos on top video servers can give you good amount of visits and exposure. The profile page on these servers gives a dofollow backlink (most of them) which is a benefit for SEO as most of these are authority sites.

Discussion forums – This is one of my favorite link building strategy. Creating accounts on reputed forums (related to your website) and then starting a discussion on any interesting topic, can be effective way to get backlinks from high quality websites.

Coupon sites – Discount coupon websites have gained a lot of popularity these days. According to a study, 65% of people between the age group 23-35, go to coupon sites before buying anything online. Hence if you sell products or even any type of service, it is good to have your discount coupon codes on these websites. A backlink from these websites is very effective and also they can generate a lot of traffic to your website.

Authority links – Websites like Wikipedia.org, telegraph.co.uk are called as authority websites and if you get a backlink from these websites (if you can), these will be termed as authority backlinks or links. You may wonder as there are almost no outbound links present on wikipedia. This is true that you cannot easily get a backlink from these top websites. One way is to make a page for your company and then uploading it in wikipedia as a page. Most of the time your page will not get accepted if you give a linkback to your website. It is advisable to give a link to any top webpage where your link resides (for example Dmoz directory listing).

Article author bio link – You may be wondering why I always bring the topic back to articles. This is because of my awesome successful experience with article submission. When you submit an article, there will be a place to put your link (generally called as author resource box, author bio or simply the resource box). Try to use only one link here even if the directory gives permission for two or three.

Links from .gov and .edu websites – Google gives preference to backlinks if it is from .gov or .edu websites. But again it is very difficult to get them. Generally government sites will have a forum for discussion. You can start a conversation and give useful links.

Profile links – Most of the blogs will only give you a nofollow link. This is the reason why many SEO experts feel that now a days posting comments on articles is not an intelligent idea. I also support this but still I have my account on almost all the good quality blogs. The only reason is the profile page on these blogs gives a dofollow link to my website. If you post regular comments on the website, your profile page will be regularly updated and hence you can even expect a pagerank for the page. The profile page in Ezinearticles has good pagerank for many authors.

Reciprocal links – If you have given a contact email id on your website, your inbox must be filled with reciprocal or two way link exchange proposals. Webmasters frame a very good looking mail with all necessary stuffs to convince you for link exchange. Generally in such an exchange, your link will be placed on the resource page of the website. Please note that Google ignores links present in the resource directory of a website and hence you will not get any benefit out of it. If you really want to do that, please ask the other side webmaster to place your link on the index page. This is the only way (but not always) you can be benefited out of link exchange.

Links on index page of a similar website – I advised in the last point to place a link on index page. But according to my knowledge this is not always effective. Links present on the left or right hand side with headings such as friend’s site or related links are now either ignored by search engines or is given very less preference.

Links from squeeze pages (pages made to collect user data like email id, name etc) and scrapper pages (pages meant to earn money by placing ads), link farms (webpages with too many outbound links) can even be negative for your website. I have noticed some websites with squeeze pages have been penalized by Google after the caffeine update. If you are placing such links, make sure to check the following points:

• Try to place link in the first fold of the webpage
• The number of outbound links present on the webpage should be less
• Is the website relevant to your website?
• What is the frequency of content update the website follows?
• What type of backlinks they have?

If all above points are satisfied then you can place your link.
According to my knowledge and experience, Google has completely changed its algorithm as far as backlinks are concerned. This is the major change which I feel after the launch of Caffeine. Few years back, the backlink strategy mainly consisted of increasing web presence by getting links from similar websites. The placement and the value of website were not taken into consideration. But now if you want to get backlinks, change your strategy. Few suggestions are:

• Submit videos on top video directories
• Newsworthy articles on Google news
• Concentrate on building your brand
• Give more focus on social media sites
• Content updating and uniqueness is a must
• Place your links in text i.e. try to place your article on other websites with one link pointing to your website. This is termed as contextual linking
• Have a blog and if possible a discussion forum for your website

• Apart from these, some easy ways to get high quality backlinks are Google groups, Yahoo answers, making a Squidoo lens, placing ads on top quality classified sites like Craiglist etc.

These steps is what I think will help you get all benefits from backlinks. Try to have all your links look natural. According to experts, Google has made a manual team to look for link buying and selling. If you follow white hat techniques, surely you can get high quality links. Regularly updating content on a website is one of them. Always remember that in link building, quality is much more important than quantity.

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